Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy and Fees




1. a. The Library Meeting Rooms are available for use by the public for any public function of an informational, educational, cultural or civic nature. The rooms are available only during normal operating hours till fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing.
b. Meeting Rooms, except for the Library Board Room, are available between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. weekdays for groups/organizations/businesses that need meeting space during normal business hours. The Board Room is available only evenings and weekends. Those groups needing to enter prior to the library’s official opening will be assessed an additional use fee. Groups may request use no more than twice monthly and can reserve space for no more than six (6) consecutive months in advance, except when the group/organization’s mission or purpose directly benefits the library, is an official arm of the institution, or is part of the Township’s government.
c. The Meeting Rooms are available for tutoring only to nonprofit organizations that have literacy as a mission/goal, on a first come basis as scheduling permits. The library also has small study rooms available for tutoring.
d. The Public Meeting Room and the library premises, in part and in their entirety, are not available for meetings, activities, exhibits, etc., for social, political, partisan or religious purposes or for the benefit of private individuals or commercial interests.
e. The library shall not attempt to judge the objectives of any group or program not sponsored but the Library, but will open its doors to all groups requesting use of the Meeting Rooms providing that their purpose in using the Library facilities are either informational, educational, cultural or civic nature.
f. In the event of a conflict in scheduling, the following priorities shall apply.
1) Library sponsored or library related programs
2) Township Government
3) Township appointed committees and commissions for township related business
4) Willingboro groups, other than government
5) Other
g. Final approval and scheduling of public meetings is subject to the approval of the Library Director. A Meeting Room Application that has not been signed by the Library Director will not be honored.
2. All programs and meetings held in public Meeting Rooms are open to all members of the public. Public notification of the meeting, including the group’s name, purpose of the meeting date, time and place will be made by the Library in an appropriate manner. The library shall not be held responsible in instances when a group publicizes a meeting or program for which permission is not granted by the library. Groups are therefore urged to apply far enough ahead to avoid inconvenience.
3. Admission fees may not be charged nor collections made except when the proceeds are for the benefit of the library or, in the view of the board of trustees, of significant cultural or educational benefit to the community.
4. Light refreshment can be served in the Meeting Room only if prior approval is given and a fee is paid. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on library premises. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except with the use of the appropriate permits and is limited to the Meeting Room. Refreshment may not be served in any other space made available for the group to meet. Beverages (other than coffee and tea) that are clear in color are recommended to avoid damage to furnishings.
5. Organizations and groups may use the library’s audiovisual equipment during an approved program or meeting for a fee. The library can provide a coffee urn for a fee. The sponsoring organization or group must supply all items necessary for serving refreshment. The library must be informed, via the Meeting Room Application, of the intent to serve refreshment or reserve equipment.
6. Any group using a public Meeting Room will be held responsible for all damage to library property which results from the use of these facilities. The Meeting Room and all equipment used shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. Cost of repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the individual, group, or organization that has scheduled the use of the facility.
7. The Library Board and staff are not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property occurring to any individuals or group while using any Meeting Room.
8. Permission to use a Meeting Room does not, in any way, constitute an endorsement by the library of the aims, principals, policies or programs of any group or organization.
9. No tipping of library employees is permitted.
10. The seating capacity of the Meeting Room is 85.
11. The privilege of using the library’s Meeting Room facilities may be restricted, withdrawn, or denied to any group which violates or abuses any of the above regulations.
12. Requests for use of a Meeting Room must be made on the library’s Meeting Room Application form and returned a minimum of three (3) weeks before the meeting is to be held.
13. Invoices for Meeting Room use must be paid in full upon receipt or space is forfeited.
14. There are no refunds on room cancellations.
15. Payment(s) will only be accepted after an application has been approved and the applicant invoiced.
16. A 501c3 or ST5 must be submitted with application to receive Tax Exempt status.
17. Any changes to the Meeting Room Application must be in writing and approved.
18. Meeting Room fees are subject to change.
19. The Meeting Room Application must be complete or it will be returned.
20. Groups of persons under eighteen years of age will not be permitted to book or use the meeting room without the supervision of an adult during the entire meeting/event.
Rev. 4/9/14

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