Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

  Willingboro Public Library gladly accepts volunteers in the following capacities:
  • Regular volunteers adhering to fixed schedules.
  • Occasional volunteers giving short term help.
  • Students, scouts, or other organizational members fulfilling community service requirements.
  • Special projects volunteers with, for example, art, gardening or technology skills, as approved by the library director.
  • On a case-by-case basis, non-violent offenders doing court-ordered community service who are referred by court personnel.


Volunteers may be assigned to the following tasks:

  • Shelving books and library materials.
  • Reading shelves.
  • Labeling, stamping, copying, collating, filing, or otherwise preparing library materials.
  • Other clerical tasks as necessary
  • Assisting professional librarians with programming.
  • Presenting programs under the supervision of a professional librarian.
  • Volunteers who perform the duties of a professional librarian must have an MLS or equivalent education or training.


Volunteers may be given assignments by:

  • The library director or assistant director.
  • The head of reference, the A/YA librarian, the children's librarian.
  • The head of circulation.
  • Another staff member as delegated by one of the above.


Volunteers may express a preference as to the type of assignment or department they will be assigned to, however library needs will take precedence.


Volunteers who come into contact with library records or personal information of library customers will be selectively assigned and closely monitored by library supervisors and are subject to the same confidentiality laws as library staff members.


Adopted 9/04

Revised 7/05

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