50th Anniversary of Levittown

The 1958 Pioneers

The first family moved into Levittown, NJ in Oct. 1958. Willingboro Public Library celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of this milestone community with a series of events from Sept. to Dec. 2008.1958pioneerscompress.jpg

On Sept. 6, an opening celebration was held for the exhibit "1958: the Birth of Levittown." Fourteen original 1958 residents attended a reception in their honor. Ten of them are pictured here.

Front: Shirley Wolf, Lillian Krane, Paul Krane, Cathy Costa, Lee Isaackson, Dottie Anderson, Marie Weller.

Rear: Bernie Kashmer, Jack Curtin, Cliff Anderson.

Despite tropical storm rains, 110 people attended the exhibit opening and met the 1958 pioneers. 


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