Social Services

Food Banks in Willingboro



Haitian Baptist Church  203 Sunset Road Willingboro   8046    609-220-1103

       Wed pm & Friday pm       call for time       distribution varies          8pm this week


Delaware Valley Baptist Church            493 Beverly Rancocas Rd        Willingboro       8046    609-871-2121 Tues am            9am-2pm         call for appt                 


Calvary Baptist Church 594 Beverly Rancocas Rd        Willingboro       8046   

609-871-3337 2nd & 4th Wed            9am-11am        may wish to call ahead             


Cathedral of Love Church         139 Beverly Rancocas Rd        Willingboro       8046   

609-835-4141 9:30-4pm         call for appt      ask for Elnore or Mrs. Ramsey


Spanish American Soc./Cul       201 Charleston Rd       Willingboro       8046    609-835-1111                         call for appt            has food sometimes     


Burlington Co Day Care           56 Brooklawn Dr   Willingboro 08046 

•609-871-8484  - gets food-bank food for a subsidized child care program for low-income families - otherwise, they do not distribute food -


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