Exhibits Policy

Exhibits Policy




The Willingboro Public Library provides display case and exhibit space consistent with the Library's mission, programs and services, and which contribute positively to the Library's environment.



All applications for exhibits and displays are to be made in writing on the library's Request to Exhibit form.



Exhibits are defined as major exhibitions of multiple pieces of wall mounted and/or panel-mounted items, and/or possibly smaller items in glass display cases in the same


Displays are defined as smaller exhibitions of smaller items in glass display cases, currently available in the children's room, local history room, circulation area, and multi-purpose room hall. Items may also be displayed in other ways, in other locations, with the agreement of the library.


Applicants must fill out and sign an application form, which includes a signed release, and be familiar with the library's Exhibit and Display Policy.

All exhibits and displays are to be reviewed and scheduled by the Library Director or designee prior to set-up, with an agreed upon term of exhibit. Approval or disapproval is at the discretion of the library representative. Approval is not transferable to another person or organization.


Upon completion of the installation of the exhibit, the exhibitor agrees that he/she will not remove any item without the prior knowledge of the library representative who negotiated the exhibit. Should this take place, the library considers the agreement null and void and will no longer take responsibility. The Willingboro Public Library reserves the right to prohibit any person or organization from displaying an exhibit.


The exhibitor is responsible for the arrangement of and for the cost of shipping and delivery of all items.  The library will not accept COD's.  The library must be notified of delivery and pick-up dates.


Two dimensional artworks must be framed, mounted or packaged and displayed in an attractive and safe manner. No items may be placed over doors.




Each exhibit/display must contain an informative explanation to assist the general public in discerning the subject or purpose of the exhibit/display. This information may be provided by explanatory labels on individual items, in poster or sign form, or be contained within the exhibit/display itself. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a contact phone number as part of the exhibit/display for members of the general public who may wish more information.



Exhibitors are responsible for installing and removing exhibits/displays on the dates agreed upon by the library and exhibitor, and for all measures necessary for installation and removal of exhibits/displays, including but not limited to shipping, packaging, storage, signage, labels, framing, and any equipment/supplies needed for same. Assistance will be provided by library staff.


If the library must remove an exhibit/display because it is not removed as scheduled by the exhibitor, the Library is not responsible for any damages. The library will not provide storage for the property of organizations or individuals displaying in the library. The library will supply storage only for packing materials for any exhibit items while they are on display.  This material must be removed by the exhibitor when the exhibit is removed.  Failure to do so will give the library the right to discard all material in storage.


Items may be sold on the day of the reception, if one has been arranged. All sales must be handled by the exhibitor or his/her designee. The library will not assume any role in this process.  The exhibitor should provide a price list with contact information that is available for perspective buyers.


Exhibitors agree to be responsible for and to pay for any and all damages to library property including exhibit/display spaces, walls, floors, grounds, furniture, and fixtures resulting from the installation or removal of an exhibit/display.


Any electrical connections are to be hidden from public view as far as possible.  No items may be placed so as to cause or create a safety hazard.



Exhibits and displays are presented on an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of individuals and groups requesting space. Exhibit space is open to organizations or individuals involved in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities.


Religious and political exhibits and displays are permissible for artistic or informational purposes only; exhibits and displays which proselytize for a single point of view will not be permitted.


Community Standards

Exhibits and displays should meet acceptable community standards. The Library will not censor or remove an exhibit because some members of the community may disagree with its content. Those who may object to the content of any exhibit should submit a written Statement of Concern and/or their own exhibit proposal to be considered according to policy. The final determination as to acceptability lies with the Board of Library Trustees.

Commercial Products

Exhibits and displays may not involve the sale of commercial products in the library building. Contact information may be included as part of exhibit signage.


Types of Exhibits

Willingboro Public Library seeks a balance between library-arranged exhibits and individual/organization-arranged exhibits; between exhibits of art, craft, historic, cultural, informational, and other types of exhibits. No one type of exhibit should predominate. Priority in scheduling is given to library-arranged exhibits. No particular priority is necessarily given to Willingboro residents.



Exhibitors should discuss possibilities for receptions and other informational programming connected with their exhibits or displays with the library representative.


Frequency of Exhibits

Exhibitors may apply only once every two years. There is no restriction on frequency of applying to display. Exhibits and displays will be mounted for no more than 45 days.


Exhibit Room Set-Up

Glass display cases may be moved only by library staff. Exhibitors must use only library-supplied hardware for mounting exhibits on walls or panels. Exhibitors must have library approval to supply their own mountings for free-standing items. All signage must be typed or computer-generated. Signs must be mounted on walls or easels and panels with library-supplied materials.


The installation and removal must be scheduled in advance with the library staff member. A library staff member must be present during installation.


Removal of an item during a scheduled exhibition is prohibited.



Willingboro Public Library participates in the Professional Municipal Management Joint Insurance Fund. Coverage on individual items over $1,000 and up to $5,000 requires a professional appraisal. Evidence of value for individual items valued in excess of $5,000 must be supported by an independent professional appraisal. The Library's liability is limited to the maximum $50,000.00 per occurrence for loss or damage provided for by the Joint Insurance Fund.


A signed release acknowledging terms and limits of coverage must be executed before exhibiting at the Library.



The presentation of any display or exhibit does not imply any endorsement of the content by the Willingboro Public Library, its Trustees or staff.



The Library Director or designee may deny or cancel any application for exhibition and may waive any display policy.


Policy Amendments

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.



This policy will be re-evaluated at least every five years from the date of adoption.



Revised by Library Board of Trustees:


November 14, 2007


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