Willingboro Public Library 50th Anniversary


2010 makes fifty years serving the community for Willingboro Public Library! In the Exhibit Room in Dec., 2009 is our kickoff event, a photo history of the library's fifty years. A full year of events and celebrations will follow in 2010. Get ready to go back to 1960 on Jan. 13, the fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of a volunteer staffed library. We will celebrate with 50s music and costumes. All overdue fines will be charged that day at the 1960 rate, five cents per day!The photo at left commemorates this event: Dr. Paul Weinstein, left, of the Levittown Civic Assn., presented a check to establish a library to Cathy Costa and Gene Haeberle, v.p. and president of the Levittown Public Library board.

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