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  • Chromebook Circulation Procedures

Reference Desk Chromebook Procedures

Check out:

Take customer’s WPL borrower’s card (in good standing; no temporary or web only cards) and photo ID. If a child wants to check out a chromebook but does not have ID, send him or her to the Children’s Desk.

  • Choose a chromebook from the cabinet. Make sure it is charged.
  • Open the chromebook log on Refdesk1, and enter the customer’s name and library card barcode, ID info, chromebook number or color and date and time out.
  • Explain that the loan period is two hours (can be renewed if nobody is waiting) and that the chromebook must be used only within the building, and will be disabled if it is taken out of the building. Explain that the customer can print by emailing the document to be printed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Show the customer how to open the chromebook and browse as guest.
  • Using the chromebook’s barcode, check it out to the customer in Horizon.
  • Make a note that the chromebook is out and when it is expected back. Turn this over to the next person on the desk if your shift ends before the chromebook is returned.

Check in:

  • Check in chromebook through Horizon.
  • Put chromebook in cabinet and plug it in.
  • Enter time in in the log.


  • At opening time, open the cabinet from the back and charge the chromebooks.
  • When starting your refdesk shift, check the chromebook log to see if any chromebooks are out, and when they are supposed to be returned.
  • At closing time, unplug the chromebooks and lock the cabinet.
  • If a chromebook is not returned after 3 hours, and you can’t find the customer, talk to Eulas, Didier or Su about disabling the chromebook. If none of them are here, please call  Su (880-0088) or Eulas (201-275-8375). The chromebook can be disabled by going to google device manager. Log in to google as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The password is Na__to24! where you can fill in the missing letters if you know Eulas’s reading habits. Click on the apps icon (), then click on more. Click on the Admin console icon, then Device management. Select the chromebook (Chrome device) you need to disable, and go to More Actions to disable it. Warning: do not deprovision any chromebook! That would remove it from the control of Device management.

April, 2016

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