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  • Guidelines for Security Officers


1. Read and become familiar with the Rules of Conduct for Libraries. A copy is attached. This policy is also posted in various locations throughout the Library to be consulted as needed.

2. INSIDE LIBRARY: Patrol the inside of the Library as needed:

  • Walk around entire building from front to back.
  • Check all restrooms, in lobby, in children’s room, in staff areas.
  • Pay special attention to areas that are less visible including meeting rooms.
  • Check for unauthorized persons in staff areas.

3. OUTSIDE LIBRARY: Patrol the area outside the Library as needed.


  • Sleeping: Wake up the offender and warn him or her that sleeping is not permitted in the Library and if they continue to sleep, they will be asked to leave.
  • Eating and drinking: Tell the person that eating is permitted only in the Café. Food may not be taken into any other area of the Library. The customer must go to the café to eat or to discard the food. (An exception to this rule is food served at a meeting in the multi-purpose room or board room; or at a library program in session.) Covered drinks are permitted throughout the library except at the computer tables.
  • Talking loudly, running, blocking the aisles, disruptive conduct or any behavior which interferes with another person’s use of the Library: Warn the offender that the behavior must stop or he or she will be asked to leave the Library.
  • Disruptive children: Parents are responsible for their children. Children under eight must be accompanied at all times by a responsible older person. If a child visiting the Library with a parent or responsible older person becomes disruptive, return the child to the parent/responsible person and request that they monitor the child’s behavior. If disruptive behavior continues, request that the parent/responsible person leave with the child.
  • Cell phones: Please ask customer to speak quietly.
  • Stealing or damaging Library property: Follow NJSA 2C
  • Other situations: Consult the library director, assistant director, or librarian in charge of the building. Library Lines of Responsibility attached.



If the fire alarm system sounds or if there is another bulding emergency, help Library staff evacuate the building in an orderly fashion through the exit. Stand near the Library entrance to prevent customers from reentering. When it is clear to return, stand at the entrance and keep the public from entering the building until after staff members enter and report to their service desks.


People will often ask for directions or for help in locating library materials.

  • If possible, answer questions which direct Library customers to locations in or outside of the Library, such as restrooms or departments.
  • Do not provide assistance in locating Library materials or information. Refer all questions concerning where to find types of books, other materials, or information to the Reference Desk.


  • Do not distract library staff with extended conversation.
  • Do not sit or stand behind library public service desks.
  • Do not read or listen to music or engage in other activities which would interfere with the responsibilities of your position.
  • Do not receive visitors while on duty or engage in long discussions with library staff.
  • Do not make or receive personal phone calls.


The library staff will follow a specified closing procedure. Please assist them in any way necessary and accompany them as they exit the building.

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